Newlands, among the most sought-after neighborhoods, is located in northwestern Boulder. Situated along the famous Boulder foothills, Newlands has grown gradually since the early 1900s. In a prime location, Newlands is within walking distance of North Boulder Park, the North Boulder Recreation Center, and hiking paths. Newlands is also close to Pearl Street Mall, Ideal Market, and the University of Colorado.

Due to the neighborhood’s desirable locale, homes in Newlands are some of the most expensive in the city of Boulder, ranging from the mid-$500s to about $3 million, and the majority of them offer exceptional views of the mountains. Homes vary in age and design, with properties built in 1900 intermingled with houses from the 1940s, and new custom homes. Many of Newlands’ older properties have been updated to meet the needs of today’s home buyers, without losing their character and charm.